“When I created the first edition of Where Should We Begin? A Game of Stories in 2021, we were grappling with social atrophy and trying our best to return to life as usual. Nearly three years later, I knew this second edition had to be just as mobile as we are now.” —Esther Perel

Bring Esther Into Your Home

A Game of Stories

Connection on the Go

Just as an amazing connection is about sharing, listening, risk, laughter, and discovery, so too is a great game. Let the prompts guide you and the story cards inspire you to share the stories you rarely tell.

It has resulted in us learning more than we could have imagined after being together for over a decade. Love how it is structured for also playing with coworkers and friends.

Bridget — 5 Stars

From the moment we opened the box, my husband and I began going into completely unexplored areas of our relationship. We laughed and just enjoyed each other's company in a very new way.

Emanuela — 5 Stars

I haven't been able to actually play with others but have drawn cards at random to use as prompts for journaling and self-awareness.

Marcy — 4 Stars